Best Workout For Losing Weight On The Elliptical Machine In Your Home

People are increasingly concerned about health and wellness.  Improved diets are helping with overall health and wellbeing, but Increasingly people understand that they need to aerobic and anaerobic exercise to improve and lengthen their lives.

Many people don’t have the time or just don’t like going to the gym.  Instead, they are purchasing elliptical machines for home use. Often, people find that purchasing elliptical machines for home use is the best and safest exercise they can get.

The best elliptical machines purchased for home use usually give you all the benefits you get from elliptical exercise in a gym, yet lets you get a terrific workout in your home.

Regular running shoes are fine for striding on the foot pads. 

One of the best things about working out at home is that you can place the elliptical machine in front of your TV set and watch elliptical workout routines on YouTube or DVDs.  This can help to inspire you to push yourself and get the best workout available on your home elliptical equipment.

Using elliptical equipment improperly could result in injury, or you could just not get the improvement you expect.  To see some of the most common mistakes people make when using an elliptical, go to

If you are looking for the best workouts for losing weight and improving your muscle tone using an elliptical machine in your home.  Here are a couple of workouts you might want to try.


High-Intensity Intervals Training (HIIT, 30 minutes)


HIIT involves alternating between short durations of high exertion (sprinting) and longer durations with less exertion (recovery). The HIIT workouts are an astonishing cardio workout and help significantly in weight loss. Intensity here is key, and on a scale of 10 for exertion, you should try to work at a effort level of 7.5 to 8 (on a 1-10 scale). Doing 30 minutes of HIIT gets your heart pumping, increases your metabolism, and if done correctly helps tone your muscles.



Choose the machine’s short interval program. If that setting is not available on your equipment, use manual mode and control the resistance by yourself. Set the ramp (or incline) at low to moderate (it will not change for this workout). Rather, you will adjust the resistance to change the intensity.


After doing a three-minute warm-up, follow the interval program on the machine (typically one minute of sprinting then 30 seconds of recovery.). If you are in manual mode, raise the resistance to get an effort that seems like an eight or nine (on an exertion scale of 1-10) for one to two minutes, then 30 seconds of recovery at a lower resistance. Pulling and pushing on the arms handles will help to tone your upper body as well as your lower body.


Decrease the resistance and slow down for about half as long as you work during the hard interval (for instance, one-minute hard, 30 seconds’ rest). Your level of exertion should be around two or a three for the recovery period.


Pedal backwards every third hard interval.  Pedaling backward changes the muscles used, giving you a better overall workout


Repeat these intervals for 27 minutes, then cool down for three to five minutes


Hill Climber (45 minutes)


Similar to ascending and descending a real hill, the Hill Climber workout gradually has you increasing and subsequently decreasing the level of resistance 45 minutes workout.


Select a “Hill” program that gradually increases resistance and incline over two to five minutes, then gives you a recovery period.  Most machines provide four to six hill simulations for every workout.


Warmup up for three to five minutes then take the first hill and note the total elapsed time. Subsequent intervals should split the time climbing hills in the following ways:


Keep your hands on the middle of the swinging arm handles for the first half of the hill.  This targets the lower back muscles just like rowing.


In the second half of the climb, clutch the top of the handles and actually exert yourself  pushing and pulling.  


Your exertion level should be up to eight at the completion of the interval. If you’re having a challenging time towards the end, lean forward and press down hard to get up the hill


After about 40 minutes, cool down for five minutes.


You can typically burn about 270 to 400 calories in this 40-minute elliptical workout.


Since your feet never leave the pedals, the elliptical machine gives you a low-impact workout that is joint and back friendly.

It’s key to understand that elliptical machines offer an exceptional full-body workout.


When used properly, an elliptical machine works your legs, arms, glutes, back and abs – all of your main muscle groups.

On the best elliptical machines designed for home use let you can customize the workout to your desired difficulty level by adjusting the incline, increasing the resistance, and moving your legs and arms faster or slower.


You can track your progress with all the onboard computers that track your progress.


The elliptical provides a great workout whether you’re toning up, losing weight, or just getting your heart rate pumping to try to sweat out some calories.  When you invest in high end elliptical machines for the home use you’re going to get a stable, comfortable, low-impact, and challenging workout.